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Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is David Giglio. I am a former public school teacher turned small business owner who resides in Madera.  It is now apparent, more than ever before, our magnificent country deserves a voice in Congress that is ready and eager to place the needs of the people of the Valley first. A quick study of Representative Jim Costa's voting record shows that he no longer places the people of the Valley ahead of the DC Establishment. 

The modern-day Democrat Party has shifted dramatically left, leaving hardworking Americans who once called its caucus home, feeling disillusioned and left behind. The Democrat Party platform, which formerly was filled with policies aimed at elevating and fighting for working-class America, has now veered so far left that it is totally unrecognizable. Democrat politicians in Sacramento and Washington have lost focus and no longer promote nor advocate for policies that benefit their constituents. Rather, the Democrat politicians fixate and endorse the passage of radical job and business killing legislation to appease the outspoken socialist wing of the party.

In line with many of his fellow Democrats in Washington, Rep. Costa has forgotten that his primary job responsibility is to fight for the citizens of the Valley.  Instead, Rep. Costa has elected to yield to the radical wing of the party. During the 116th Congress, Rep. Costa voted with Nancy Pelosi 99% of the time.  Even more alarming is that Rep. Costa has shifted so far to the left that he voted 91% of the time with radical socialists such as Ilhan Omar (MN) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY). 

However, do not take my word for it.  Simply, pay particular attention and scrutinize the radical legislation that Rep. Costa has voted in favor of recently:

  • Rep. Costa voted yes on H.R.1446: (Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2021). This bill seeks to expand background check requirements on private firearm transactions. While this bill isn't necessarily "radical," it's what the Democrats have coming after that should concern all of us. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have already gone on record describing this bill as a precursor for much more aggressive gun-control legislation. In fact, it appears as though Democrats in Congress and the White House are planning to finally launch their long awaited all-out assault on the 2nd Amendment. As we have already learned, Rep. Costa shows little desire or fortitude to stand up to Nancy Pelosi or the many other radical voices that now dominate his caucus. If history is any indicator, if Nancy Pelosi votes "Yay" on a bill, so too will Rep. Costa.

  • Rep. Costa voted yes on H.R.1: (For the People Act of 2021). This bill seeks to drastically weaken the US election laws by: (1) prohibiting the use of voter ID prior to casting a vote, and (2) promoting ballot-harvesting nation-wide. Undoubtedly, this bill will increase and encourage electoral fraud and it can contribute to the development of a one-party system, entirely controlled by the radical left.

  • Rather than encouraging the development of dams to help our farmers and the Valley conserve water, Rep. Costa instead co-sponsored H.R.867: (High Speed Rail Corridor Development Act of 2021), which wastes more taxpayer dollars on endless and needless high-speed rail construction while our water infrastructure continues to be outdated and fails to meet Valley Farmers current agricultural needs.

  • Rather than honoring his Catholic faith and fighting to protect and preserve human life, Rep. Costa continues to vote in lockstep with Planned Parenthood, thus, earning Mr. Costa a dismal 2% grade from the National Right to Life Committee.

My position is a simple one. If elected to Washington, I promise to work tirelessly to ensure that the voices of the people of the Central Valley are finally heard.  Instead of working for the Washington DC elites, I will work tirelessly for every one of you, whether one is a Republican or a Democrat. For too long, the best interests of the Valley have been cast aside in favor of what works for the DC establishment. My job is not to vote for policies that enrich career politicians or that steal jobs and money from the Valley. My job is to be your voice in Washington, a voice for the Central Valley and now is our time to fight!

Warmest regards,